Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

Pile Integrity Test (PIT) 

Integrity tests are performed using a highly sensitive accelerometer and special purpose power supply/amplifier-receiver, a small impact device and a PIT collector with digitizing and graphic capability. The testing involves the attachment of accelerometer to the pile top (or side of pile for piles with pile cap).

After attachment, the impact device generates a “low strain” compressive impact wave. The acceleration and velocity records of the impact, along with subsequent reflections from either pile toe and/or pile discontinuities, are graphically displayed.

The Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) system offers several advantages over the vibration tests and other integrity testing systems. It allows quantitative assessments of pile defects and, has proved to be reliable and accurate. The PIT test consists of attaching one or two accelerometers to the foundation and using a hand-held hammer to impact it. The PIT collects the acceleration data and displays curves that reveal any significant changes in cross section that may exist along the shaft. The PIT-W software post-processes the data and generates reports.

PIT Setup