Sonic Logging Test 

Sonic Logging Test 

The Sonic Integrity Logging is used to detect defects in cast-in-situ bored piles, caissons, barrettes and diaphragm walls.

When cast-in-situ piles are constructed, the following defects may occur, hence the main objective in the testing is to provide the client/consultants information about the: –

  1. Honeycombing due to inadequate vibration.
  2. Segregation due to over vibration and improper concrete placement methods.
  3. Washouts of cement due to groundwater flow.
  4. Cracks in the pile shaft due to shrinkage.
  5. Inclusion of foreign material causing contamination of the concrete.
  6. Necking of the pile due to collapse of sidewalls during withdrawal of the temporary casings.

Test Equipment 

The test is performed using digital data acquisition equipment called the Cross Hole Analyzer manufactured from PDI (Pile Dynamic Inc USA). The Cross Hole Analyzer incorporates an ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic pulse reception conditioner, ultrasonic digitiser, digital storage and powered by AC/DC

Sonic Logging 

Sample of SL Report